Thursday, April 19, 2012

Videography Update and Information

I have started a new version of an old slideshow that I did about my life.  The original version was the one that started my enthusiasm for video editing and multimedia work.  The video is a compilation of pictures that tell a story of a volatile time in my life.  Along with this I have listed the video's that will be posted on the blog here shortly.

Numa Numa English Remix - A short video parody of the Numa Numa viral video.  This was my first taste of cinematography.  My young men’s group (much like a youth group) did videos like this for a while. 

David Eithen - A tribute to my son and our first child.

Daphanee Rose - A tribute to my daughter and our first baby girl.

The House of the Lord - A video that explores the Temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and where they are built and why.  This is not in any way an official video nor is it endorsed by the Church.  Strictly a personal project. 

Center Partners - A promotional video for a local fortune 500 company which was produced and written by me.  Unfortunately it can't be posted due to confidential and proprietary reasons.

The Noble Remodel - A progression walkthrough of a remodel of a relative's home.

Thanksgiving Fireworks 2011 - A video of the 2011 Coeur d’Alene, ID Fireworks presentation; one of the top rated in the World. 

The Website is Down (Clean) - I love this video, but the language was severely coarse and some of the material was not appropriate.  So I cleaned it up and it is still hilarious. 

Ode To Sebastian - This is an honorary video for our kitty that was killed in Plummer, ID.

Vapor Inc. Networking Solutions - A promotional video for a company I had hopes of starting.  I initially used this for a presentation in my Associates degree final project. 

The ADDR Network This was a project that was requested of me by one of my professors for an on-site campus initiative. 

The Life of Charles V2 - This is going to be a revamp of my first slideshow presentation.  It covers events in my life that really defined who I am now.  At this time, it is about 35% completed.  It is shaping out to be one of the best video's I have produced. 

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