Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Long Awaited Adventure

I have planned to go on an honest adventure this summer for my birthday.  Two years ago my good friend and I went on a trek to the Selkirk mountians.  Our goal was to get to Pyramid Lake, however, without a real plan.  We had a paper printout of google maps at about 10,000 ft.  Needless to say we missed our trail head and ended up bolder hopping for near 3 miles.  So we got out of the Scramble and then camped about 300 yards up the trail that we found.  Then we got up and hiked out. 

This time my friends Jake, Scott, Isaiah, Kody and hopefully Conor along with myself will be taking on the strenuous Long Canyon Loop hike.  This hike is a between 30 and 39 miles long depending on the side trips that you take.  We will be crossing long canyon creek, 'Crik' in Idahoian, (which is literally what the guide book tells you; just amazing!) twice and niether time it has a bridge.  I am quite excited though.  This trail is in the Selkirk Wilderness about 10 miles from Canada. 

There are magnificent views and it is the last remaining un-logged drainage left in Idaho.  We will hopefully be summiting Parker Peak, the highest mountain in North Idaho and we will be making a 3 day trip of it.  I think that I would prefer 4 but being working men and all, it is hard to step away for such a long time as it is.  I am quite excited to embark on this journey.  I will be taking pictures and will bring a full report of the journey back.  It will be fun.

Here is a little preview of the country we will be hiking in for 3 days:

The Selkirk Mountian Range from Parker Peak

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