Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life Experience

Many people choose not to have children.  I am not sure whether due to an unwillingness to change or perhaps there is no desire to have pee sprayed on you while changing a diaper - Go figure.  Whatever the reason, you are missing out.  My wife and I have just welcomed another child into our family.  We waited 2 years after the birth of our last child to have this one.

There is something about a new child.  As a father, you want to everything that you can for that little bundle. You want to help your wife with things that she has done for the last while but can't while her body heals.  There is something special about looking into the eyes of an infant and seeing absolutely not hate, disgust or dishonesty.  There is nothing imperfect about them.  They eager to learn and to be watched after by you.  They look to you as a source of stability and strength.  You can see yourself doing all sorts of fun things.  Then, the crowning moment when their little lips part and a wide toothless grin shows for only a second.  If you look twice it is gone, but you can't take your eyes off them because you know where they came from.  You know that your role in life is no longer for yourself; but for the well being of your child(ren).

Welcome to the world Daemmin James-Scott Kinsey!  You are loved more that you know.  I love you!

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